Maintenance a hilton hall birmingham where we perform tree work, hedge cutting, planting and grass cuting We offer a complete maintenance package from planting schemes to planting, weeding, turfing, mowing, pruning, pressure washing, ground works, indoor and outdoor cleaning, painting etc.

You can use us as a one off to get the job done for handovers etc. or we can offer you weekly, monthly or yearly maintenance schemes.

We work for some of the main contractors in the UK references are available and we have all the appropriated paper work in order for any type of site.

We have our own fully qualified Health and Safety adviser who can come on site to advise the whole project from start to finish if needed.

All staff have the appropriate certification to take on all the required work on any site and the firm is fully insured for any task.

A site manager is provided for every site to ensure quality in all our work and reduce any problems which may occur.