Hedge Cutting and Maintenance

barrelled laylandi hedges in barnt greenHedge cutting, hedge maintenance and hedgerow planting are three services we can provide to commercial, domestic and council clients.

Hedge Cutting/Maintenance

We can prune and maintain your hedges as a one off,  just to tidy up your garden or settle a neighbours dispute etc or as part of a yearly maintenance schedule. In our experience hedges should be cut and pruned in autumn time as this is the most cost affective way to maintain your hedges all year round so they will look good through autumn/winter/spring and only start to look like they need a cut near the end of summer.

To keep your hedges looking immaculate we recommend two cuts a year this will help the hedge stay formalised and easier to maintain. This will thicken to form a more substantial hedgerow which is beneficial to wildlife such as birds. Thicker hedgerows provide more protection from predators.  This is why we recommend pruneing in early autumn and mid summer to avoid the bird nesting season which is 1st March to 31st July this is part of the wildlife and countryside act 1983 which states it is an offence to intentionally take, damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird while that nest is in use or being built, to intentionally kill, injure or take any wild bird and to intentionally take or destroy any egg of any wild bird.

Hedgerow Planting

There is a wide range of hedgerows that can be planted for different effects and for different budgets.

Native Hedgerow

Normally consists of Field Maple, Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Rose. This type of hedge is good for the environment as it fits in with the landscape of the countryside and has a good biodiversity value for nesting and pollination to help keep the natural balance of nature.


Here there are a very wide range from variegated Laurels for a evergreen hedge with a two colour leaf or Red Robin for a stunning red colour all year round especially in the summer to flowering rhododendrons with magnificent colours.


This usually consists of sharp thorns such as Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Pyracantha and Holly all form and thick barrier and makes a great security hedge which also gives a soft landscape feel.


Conifers, laurels and holly's are all evergreen and form a good barrier between neighbour and unwanted views, but these are fast growing and can block out a lot of light but if well maintained can create a neat and formalised hedgerow. 

barrelled laylandi hedges in barnt green