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Tree Work

All your tree needs catered for

We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive tree care service using state-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge techniques.

Below is an overview of some of the tree work we undertake, the equipment at our disposal and the techniques we employ:


Tree Services:

1. Tree Pruning: Our skilled arborists employ precise pruning techniques to enhance the structure, aesthetics, and health of your trees. From crown reductions, crown thinning to deadwood removal, we tailor our pruning approach to comply with British Standards 3998,2010 and meet the specific needs of each tree.

2. Tree Removal: When tree removal is necessary, our team executes the process safely and efficiently. We utilize advanced rigging and lowering techniques to dismantle trees in confined spaces, minimizing impact on surrounding structures and landscapes.

3. Informal Observation Report: This  can be provided using a visual assessment of your trees. We assess the health of your trees, identifying any issues such as diseases and structural weakness. We can then advise on our findings and develop a customised plan to promote tree vitality and longevity. 

4. Tree Safety and Condition Report: We offer an in depth tree condition service providing a detailed report of the health of your trees and any recommendation's for works needed. These are prioritised from most important to advisory. This is a professional service provided by a tree consultant and is appropriate for areas of public traffic, such as schools, retail parks and industrial estates. Services include: Planning tree reports (BS5837:2012), mortgage tree reports, tree risk inspections and surveys, veteran tree management and tree root damage investigation. Get in contact for more details.

5. Emergency Tree Care: We understand that tree emergencies can occur at any time. Our team is available at short notice to respond promptly to storm damage, fallen trees, and other urgent tree-related issues, providing swift and effective solutions. 

6. Cabling and Bracing: When necessary, we install cables and braces to provide structural support to weakened or damaged trees, reducing the risk of limb failure and improving overall tree stability.



1. Chainsaws: We utilize professional-grade chainsaws equipped with various bar lengths and cutting attachments to tackle trees of all sizes and complexities. 

2. Climbing/Rigging Gear: Our arborists are equipped with industry-leading climbing and rigging gear, including harnesses, ropes, ascenders and GRCS rigging systems enabling them to safely access and work in the tree canopy and minimise any damage to surrounding landscape. 

3. MEWP (mobile elevated working platform) : Jobs may need the use of a MEWP when its the safest option or if its the best way to access the tree. A wide range of MEWPs are available to cater for the needs of the job.

4. Crane Services: For large-scale tree removals or inaccessible trees, we have access to cranes and specialized rigging equipment to facilitate safe and efficient tree works and removal.


At Reeves Tree Surgeons, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional tree care services with a focus on professionalism, safety, and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the difference our expertise can make for your trees and landscapes.